Data & Communication

As an industry leader, PLTi delivers a boost in effective and efficient productivity throughout the workplace. Our solutions provide seamless communication, including data, throughout the business’ infrastructure or if needed to multiple locations. With our system integrations, our clients are found to accomplish more in their days with a more simplistic approach.

Intercom & Paging
  • Private Networked Solution
  • IP and/or Analog System Compatible
  • Ability to Integrate with:
    • Speakers
    • Master Clock
    • Digital / Analog Phone System
Passive Optical Network (PON) / Gigabit PON (GPON)
  • Point-to-Multipoint Design
  • Fiber to Home / Building Installation
  • FiberLAN
    • Cost Effective
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Proven Technology
Network Cabling
  • Transfer of Data
  • Twisted Pair – Fiber Optic – Coaxial – Patch
Telephone Systems
  • Voice & Data
  • Space and Component Technologies
  • Messaging
  • Deployable Communications
Professional Business Music Systems
  • Premium Sound Quailty
  • Next-Generation Technology
  • Precise & Direct Sound
Cable TV Systems
  • Radio Frequency Transmitted Signals
  • Monitoring Capabilities

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