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What we do

We work hard to ensure our customers are Smart - Secure - Connected

  • Security Access Surveillance & Detection
  • Fire & Life Safety
  • Data & Communication
  • Service, Maintenance & Inspection

Bringing smart technology and integration together, PLTi is uniquely qualified to consult, design, and competently install high-quality products keeping your business
Smart – Secure – Connected


Our professional consultants will take the time to listen, comprehend, and provide expert advice when discussing any need to deliver the best solution.


The talented design experts at PLTi are capable of designing any provided solution even in the most complicated layouts. Our design team works to provide the best and most cost effective design, ensuring a smooth and complete install.


PLTi puts care and precision into each installation as if it were for family or friends. It is a goal to leave a project without knowing we were there, besides having the new equipment to keep each business Smart – Secure – Connected.

With lives on the line, PLTi employs experts to install high-quality products. By doing so, we deliver a sense of relief among our clients as they know our system was designed and installed with precision.

Protecting Lives

Fire & Life Safety is a category of responsibility, as lives are on the line. Our NICET certified experts understand that proper design and installation of fire and life safety solutions are the heart in protecting lives and property. Our experts design and install high-quality products following guidelines and regulations to help protect lives. The combination of our experts and integration in products assist in building the best solution in Fire & Life Safety.

A Smart – Secure – Connected environment breeds greater productivity, something PLTi takes pride in delivering to each network we touch.


PLTi understands the cost of upkeep, which is why we stay ahead of the curve bringing the latest in innovation with products such Gigabit PON; keeping costs low while not sacrificing performance.


Communication is a crucial piece in any business, whether emergency mass communication is needed or simply informing peers/colleagues of updates to a proposal. At PLTi, we offer many solutions to cover any need ensuring to keep businesses connected.

With technologies faults and constant upgrades, PLTi is available to inspect, prevent, or repair issues brought to systems. PLTi believes in keeping systems performing at their peak. This will provide greater efficiencies while lowering operating costs, allowing funds to be placed where the business would like.


PLTi offers a full service contract, promoting the client to a an even greater priority. PLTi covers all components of the system for normal wear and tear and will have someone onsite within 24 hours (travel time not accounted for) to resolve an issue. No service contract, no worries as the experts at PLTi have the ability to troubleshoot and repair most major systems, even if one we have not designed or installed.


Providing maintenance is proactive, something PLTi promotes as this will help keep each system running at its peak and minimize failures. PLTi experts help in identifying issues prior to becoming problems, keeping the business functioning without downtime.


To assure damages or changes that might affect the systems operation are identified, PLTi experts can periodically inspect the system. By performing such tests, PLTi is working to assure the reliability of the system preventing future downtime and greater costly repair.

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