PLTi solutions set to maximize efforts in daily operation, the government being no different. From courthouses, city – tribal – state officers, to military bases PLTi understands and delivers the critical and distinctive solutions needed to keep these operations cost effective and efficient.

Bernalillo County Metropolitan Courthouse

The Bernalillo County Metropolitan Courthouse was opened in January 2004. It is a 244,000-square foot structure with nine floors. Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court has 19 judges: 16 in the Criminal Division and three in the Civil Division and staffed by about 340 full-time employees. The Fourth and Lomas location is the fourth courthouse for the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court. It has been previously located at Second and Tijeras NW, in the city’s Police Department Headquarters building at Fourth and Marquette NW and at Fourth and Roma prior to the construction of the present facility. It is part of Albuquerque’s new downtown Courthouse District.

Navajo Nation Council Chamber

The Navajo Nation Council Chamber, located in Window Rock, Arizona, is a significant building in the United States symbolizing the New Deal revolution in federal Indian policy. It was designed and built to stand in declaration of economic and cultural self-determination as afforded to American Indians by John Collier’s Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. The act sought to replace old policies of detribalization, severalty and assimilation with new policies that advocated the reconstitution of tribal organization, the restoration of a tribal land base and the promotion of traditional Indian culture.

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